PSM Combine Camp – The Ultimate Second Chance

Pacific Sports Management are proud to announce the inaugural rugby league combine camp.

If you still have aspirations to play in the NRL, then this is your second chance.

All you need to do is register now; download the training program, information pack and turn up prepared to give your very best effort.

You will have the opportunity to showcase your ability to NRL clubs, State League clubs and even a selected few Super League clubs.

PSM has studied the NFL Combine Camps and modified it to suit Rugby League. Unlike normal rugby league trials, where everything comes down to how you perform in a one off game that can be highly affected by the performances of other trialists, the Combine Camp provides the player four (4) opportunities to showcase their talents to the scouts over two days. (Testing Day / Trial Game)

On arrival each athlete will register, then be presented their squad number, training gear and directed to either the NYC (U/20’s) group or the NRL (Opens) group.

The groups will then be put through the following testing stages over the course of the first day with all information made instantly available to all club representatives.

  • Physical (Fitness)
  • Defense
  • Attack (Skills)

The athletes will be required to pass the targeted fitness requirements outlined within the information pack. Those who don’t will then only progress to the trail game on day two (2) if they perform within the final testing sections (defense or attack) and receive a wildcard from either an NRL club scout or a PSM representative.

Numbers are limited and those who registered first will secure their place within the inaugural rugby league combine camp.

NYC (U/20’s) Group – Age restrictions -17 to 19 years of age.
NRL (Opens) Group – Age restrictions – Opens – Over 20 years of age.