Luke McNeill

Luke McNeill is one of Australia’s most exciting up and coming freestyle motocross riders. Many have tipped him to be the next Robbie Maddison.

What differentiates Luke to so many Australian freestyle riders is his tenacious work ethic and strong bike skills which he developed whilst having a promising racing career. He is a proud member of the Jervis Bay community and whilst being only young he helps mentor and guide wayward kids as a great role model.

Luke has spent time with youths and showed them how he himself has overcome the hardships we all face in life, and how they can too. Not only is Luke a prominent member of the community, he is a genuinely kind hearted kid in an otherwise stereo-typically hard mans sport.”

  • Hometown Jervis Bay, NSW.
  • Nickname McNeilly, LMC or Turtle.
  • Years Riding 12
  • Favourite trick Whips, Flips and Flip Variations.
  • Favourite place to ride Jacko Strong’s, Picton X-ray Course.
  • Hobbies Riding, fishing, golf and surfing.
  • Best country visited Australia of course.