Colin Scotts

Colin Scotts is the first Australian to win a football scholarship in the United States of America and then have an outstanding career in the NFL. Colin played defensive end for the University of Hawaii, the St Louis Cardinals, the Arizona Cardinals and the Houston Oilers. He played five years of college football and 3 years as a professional.

Colin’s sports career was one that delivered some great times – money, travel, women, good mates. It was also one that delivered setbacks and disasters that tested his endurance and courage in a world where success is measured in dollars, statistics and TV ratings. It was a lonely and often brutal existence, but through it all, Colin’s irrepressible spirit and Aussie humour shone through.

A highly motivational speaker, Colin’s personal story is entertaining while providing an enlightening insight into human nature. Colin is an inspirational public speaker that has been in demand with the corporate world, government and even schools ( He uses his experiences to show others how they can overcome hardship to succeed against the odds.

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